High end software boutique, not a code factoryHappy to leak some details about the evening event that is going to take place on 24th of November . Not only we are going to have interesting speaker, but we also will have some free food and beer thanks to Paul Houghton and Futurice.

To make long story short, about 2 weeks ago Mike Bradshaw has posted video with a great presentation comparing Android phones & ecosystem to other smartphones in our facebook group. Shortly, I decided to reach out to the speaker, Paul Houghton, to invite him to the evening event. Not only Paul has agreed to speak, but he has also has kindly committed his company, Futurice, to sponsor free drinks and beer.

Sign-up for event on facebook or just comment this post to RSVP.

Looking forward to the event!

One Response to “Free food and beer, thanks to Futurice”

  1. Claudio says:

    This is great news Maks ;)

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